Dear STIHL dealers:

On April 1, 1966, Dorsey Glover incorporated the company that would become STIHL SOUTHWEST and began our 50 years of STIHL. Today, I'm proud to announce a yearlong celebration of our anniversary commencing on April 1, 2016.

As we’ve reflected on our 50 year journey, one thing that stands out is that each decade has had its own successes and challenges, its own people, products and events, its own mountains and valleys. We’ve decided to celebrate each of our five decades with its own special event commemorating that portion of our journey.

Many people have contributed to the success of STIHL SOUTHWEST throughout the decades. Without question, the Stihl family, the STIHL organization in Germany and worldwide, the entire team at STIHL Incorporated, our fellow STIHL distributors and branches, our agencies and vendors, and our outstanding team at STIHL SOUTHWEST: all have been partners in our success. But from the beginning, our network of strong and successful independent STIHL retailers has been the focus of our organization. Without these vital partners who sell and service STIHL products for STIHL consumers and pros throughout Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and east Texas, we wouldn’t be celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year. 

So we’ll celebrate each decade with a special event designed to commemorate the decade it represents and to reward, inspire and honor the STIHL dealers who have supported us throughout the years.

Since we have five decades to celebrate and there are five letters in STIHL, each decade also marks our long and strong relationship with the STIHL brand.

S     1966-1975      Starting the Journey

T    1976-1985       Thriving and Expanding

I     1986-1995       Innovating Service

H    1996-2005      Honing Efficiencies 

L     2006-2016      Looking Ahead

We’ll announce each event on this website. In addition to the 5 events celebrating our dealers and our 5 decades, we’ll also share our history, recollections and photographs. We’ll add more events and memorabilia throughout the year, so we invite you to visit often and enjoy this yearlong celebration from April 1, 2016 to April 1, 2017.

Come back to this website on Wednesday, April 13 for the announcement of our first event, Starting the Journey.

In the end, the events celebrating our anniversary are intended to share our appreciation for the dealers who have contributed so much to our success throughout these 50 years. From the Glover family and from the whole STIHL SOUTHWEST team, we thank you sincerely and invite you to celebrate along with us.

With sincere regards,


Susan Glover Brittain, President