To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, STIHL Southwest is giving our MAP dealers two dealer-tagged holiday ad campaigns.


Facebook Campaign

We are placing a 5-week campaign on Facebook that will target customers living within a 5-mile radius of your Dealership (rural Dealerships may have an expanded radius to reach the optimal number of consumers). Facebook ads are a targeted, timely way to reach consumers and increase traffic to your PowerChord site. These ads will run during peak holiday shopping weeks. All ads are tagged with your Dealership name and township, and linked to your PowerChord website.

Product Action ads run 11/14 - 11/27 and feature BG 50, Carrying Case, MS 170 and STIHL OUTFITTERS™.

Holiday Garland ads run 11/28 - 12/18 and feature BG 50, STIHL Woodcutter Kit, MS 170 and Gift Guide.



These ads will be shown across thousands of websites targeting users who have an interest in STIHL products. Unlike text-based ads, these ads use images and animation.

These ads are tagged with your Dealership name and township to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your store. The video is not visually tagged but leads to the nearest Dealer site when clicked. 


Running on 1000s of websites from 11/14-12/16.