The Marketing Advantage Program revolutionized the industry and, in our opinion, reversed the decline of outdoor power equipment sales by servicing dealers.  To celebrate our 4th Decade and the commitment of our friends at STIHL Incorporated to our dealers, we are placing an incremental MAP advertising campaign during the upcoming Holiday Season.

Our gift to the dealers who are supporting MAP with their own investments is a 5-week online campaign on Facebook and on thousands of web sites using Programmatic Digital advertising.  These ads will all be locally tagged with the dealership name and city and will be linked to the dealer’s PowerChord web page.  The original idea was that this would be a $50,000 incremental campaign since that works so nicely with our 50th anniversary, but in the end, we’ve invested significantly more.  For more details on this gift and the success of the Marketing Advantage campaign, check out the campaign overview.